Friday, November 25, 2005

Christmas and barbeque

Last year through the efforts of the body corp committee, we had a c'mas tree in our foyer. It was the first time and some of us worked hard to make it happen. It looked very nice and was very much approved of. It will be errected again this year and the corny carols will be playing too.

A recent experiment failed miserably. Fake flowers in the foyer, changed monthly by a company. Building managers said bad idea, they will be stolen. Sure enough, they lasted five days and disappeared by someone with a hooded top (on video) and did not use a dudad to get out of the building. There is good knowledge of who it is, but no proof.

The task of community building continues. This year's effort is a building c'mas barbeque. We are able to go and we think it is a good idea. We will see how it goes Sunday week. I have already being pressing people I know in the lift. If it does not bring out extra people, just the usual anglo residents, then I would judge it as a failure. But it is worth a shot.

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