Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bye Bye Van

Many eloquent words have been written about Van Nguyen being hanged in Singapore. I shall write some in-eloquent ones. I have a very simplistic view of the matter. Murder is wrong, be it personal or by the state. I can't think of a murder victim who has so long to think of their demise.

It is just so awful that he is not allowed physical contact with his family before he is hanged. While the goodbye would be a dreadful scene to witness, I am sure a cuddle from your mother, the mother's last memory of cuddling her son, the brother whispering how sorry he was into his condemned brother's ear would make the memory of an awful thing so much easier for both the condemned and those left behind. It is positively inhuman to not allow physical contact.

I am afraid that Singapore's appearance as a first world country is nothing but a veneer and it is somewhat hypocritical when the last port of call for most drugs before they enter Australia, is.........Singapore. Their port is as corrupt as anywhere you will find in the world and the only thing Singapore understands is money. If you view Singapore as a large corrupt corporation, you won't be far off the mark.

LKY, Lee Kwan Yu, or Harry Lee as he used to be known at Oxford, still pulls the strings in Singapore. He is the one all appeals should go to.

I recall the time Barlow and Chambers were killed in Malaysia and there was not this much of a pubic outcry. They were hard ass drug dealers, couriers, users and a bit of a waste of space. This Nguyen person is just a sadly delusional upstart. A fool, for sure, but he does not deserve to bounce around on the end of a rope.

Of course we will forget in time.........pretty well. But every time we hear the word Singapore or transit through, some little thing in the back of brain will tick. Personally I won't forget the day Singapore killed one of us Australians in cold blood. It is going to be a long emotional week.

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