Sunday, November 13, 2005

The bus, the bar, the band and the baby

Bus stop outside our place. Bus stop outside Muse Bar in East St Kilda. We were off to see Sourmash perform. Makes sense to catch the bus. No problem having a drink then. We had such a good time last time we went and saw Sourmash. We should have left it at that, a great memory.

Arrive at bus stop at 7.34, bus due 7.39, bus arrives 7.58, the next one. What happened to the earlier one? Early is the word I think. Bad start and a painfully slow crawl as the driver read whatever he was reading. Alight from bus just as the heavens opened. If we had caught the correct bus, we would have missed the rain.

Enter venue. Reserved seating right next to band. Not much chop. Brighton antique dealer had reserved ten seats and there were only four of us. Six no shows. Why do people say the will come and then not? One sms with apologies.

Is it an appropriate venue to take a baby? Is it appropriate to change the baby in a smoking room?

Music was ok but a bit on the heavy side. Band due to finish at 10pm. Bus due at 10pm. Saw bus sail past at 9.54. Go out at 10.10 and next bus arrives on time and a slow crawl home.

Double check paper timetable and online timetable to verify that I had not made a mistake.

Check tram route three. Would have been quicker and only a five minute walk to venue.

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