Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bit scary

Ever wonder where that person who made a comment on your blog once and then disappeared into the ether?

This could be one answer. Last week I needed to make an appointment at my doctor. I was unsure if the clinic opened at eight or nine. Type Prahran Market Clinic into the search engine and the second listing was my blog!!!!!!! I didn't recall making a post about it, but upon further inspection, I did discover I had mentioned it when writing about how our movements can be tracked.

It is not the first time this has happened to me. The ever mysterious silent readership is out there, no doubt.

Just tried again and it came up third. http://highriser.blogspot.com/2004_12_12_highriser_archive.html


  1. You'd be surprised what you could find with your own name attacted to it.

  2. I was pretty stoked recently to find that Technorati rates me as the blog with the most 'authority' on the subject of 'Mountain Bikes'!

    I also discovered one day that there is a Livejournal blog that replicates my own blog!!! The text only. It freaked me out to say the least. It's obviously some automatic trawling thing, but why?

  3. The cynical me says surprises stop at 40 W. But I can still be surprised but it is usually associated with dissappointment.

    M, it could just work simply by the number of times you mention bike. But I still think some human intervention would be involved. Never having read another bike rider's blog, I am surprised that more don't write them. Like, you are not totally focused on bikes, well not quite. Maybe live journal just picks up from technocrati. Must have a look at them some day soon.


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