Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tagged again

I am still unsure about this tagging thing. I am old and I don't understand quite a lot of jargon. But I am honoured to be asked.

M!key tagged me who was tagged by ChikyBabe and the task it would seem is to reflect on a previous post. In this case the 5th line of your 23rd post. After a quick check of mine, I am amused.

To quote our esteemed Johnny, Hello Hello.

While you may still hear this expression, it is now a bit out of favour. I expect it came from an American tv show. It was only recently that I learnt where yada, yada, yada came from and what it actually meant.

Our supposed to be dignified Prime Minister used hello, hello when critising the opposition party I think. He sounded riduclous and embarrasing and comedy shows used it no end afterwards. I had forgotten all about it, so it is interesting to be reminded of it.

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  1. Nice work Andrew, you're getting the hang of all this new technerdery pretty quickly! ;-)


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