Thursday, October 27, 2005

R's frustration

I don't think I am too hard to get along with, but I am somewhat of a careful person. I consider things, especially purchases, to the point where R is over it by the time I make up my mind. The barbeque for the balcony was an example.

The most obvious present example is the bicycle I want. I still don't have one, but I am going to get my brother's bike, that was my sister's, gratis.

Good deal, and I will see if I like cycling. It is only about two years since I first mentioned to R that I should have a bike.

When you don't have anything on the go, or to look forward to, you may as well not exist. Perhaps procrastination over purchases is is one way of always having something to keep your mind busy.

Update: This was written a while ago, but I got too busy to fix it up and publish, so it is out of chronological order, but I am posting it anyway.

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