Thursday, October 27, 2005

Precinct 3182

Precinct 3182 is history now, it is now smart apartments, actually perhaps not so smart apartments. The Laneway Sauna is just a vague memory. Four gay venues, all connected. No wonder he lost money on it. If you don't know, it was on the north east corner of Carlisle Street and St Kilda Rd. The Duke of Wellington hotel is still there and has had many reincarnations since. It is presently well coated with silver frost!

The owner of the group of gay venues, Ken Payne, said guys used to come up to him all the time and beg for him to re-open something like Mandate, which was in Carlisle St, near Barkly St. So part of group of buildings was a night club. It was quite good from memory, at times. However Mr Payne later stated after he had started to close it all down, 'when the guys begged me to open something like Mandate, what they didn't say, is that they only wanted to go out once every three months'.

But it was a good time. We lived quite close by and it was only a short stagger to get home.

I have just found some advertising related to it. Two tickets to the Laneway Club, dated 25th and 27th March, 1997. A movie program for Martin St Cinema and Bar. A freebie to see Melrose Place on a big screen. A flyer for Laneway Grooming Salon. $10 entry to Laneway Club. Who remembers the train carriage inside? Wood fired pizza at The Duke along with pasta night, darts, bingo, trivia, fish and chips night. A venue preview invitation. New Year's Eve Recovery Party (ouch, I remember that NYE too well). Buddies night at the sauna, two for one entry.

Lastly there was an apology letter from Ken Payne over some now forgotten complaint I had made.

It was a grand visionary devolopment, that failed because it was not profitable.

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