Thursday, October 27, 2005

Poetic Justice or Cheering M!key

A Mercedes pulled out if front of me. Not too alarming, but I did have to slow a bit. No visible sign of a driver meaning...............ha, I am not going to get monitored by blogger.

I was now driving quite slowly. A bicycle passes me on the left. I was vaguely aware of a female with a fat ass pedalling. Mercedes swung to the left without any indication and stopped abrubtly against the kerb. Cyclist braked firmly on the wet and greasy road. The bike skidded a bit, wobbled a bit, seemed to regain uprightness and then, praise the lord, hit the rear right side of the Mercedes.

Bicycle continued on uninjured. Cyclist pedalling also uninjured. Mercedes, astonishingly, received considerable damage to it's paintwork. Sort of half a circle where maybe the pedal ripped deeply through the paintwork.

Sometimes minor things just make me so joyously happy.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent...

    I'm so pleased to here that finally an inattentive car driver has recieved their come-uppance!

    It was probably her fat ass that meant that she couldn't slow down in time. That's the first example I've heard of where a fat ass has been a good thing.