Monday, October 24, 2005


There is a state government initiative underway to directly tax each commercial car space in Melbourne. As I have mentioned in the past, Melbourne is a very vauge term. I assumed it applied to the City of Melbourne area although I did hear it included St Kilda Road. Surely not our part, the City of Port Phillip.

It would seem it does. Since we only own private car spaces for our own use, we are exempt from any charge, but still we are required to register our car spaces, under penalty for failing to do so of $6000.

Call me cynical, but I can only think that the reason we must register is if in the future we may rent out out car spaces and so be liable for the tax.

I really would adjust my mind to a bit better if I thought the car park tax was a good idea. But it is not. It is stupid. If you are idiotic enough to want to drive to the city, (not inclucding though the city) then tax that, as in London. I believe it has made a huge difference there with a very significant reduction in city traffic and much faster bus services.

PS R says that the private car park thing may have been dropped. I have yet to verify this.

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