Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Palace

From my bedroom window, I can see the illuminated Palais Theatre sign. It is only lit when there is a perfomance and that it seldom. I went there years ago, and regretfully confess that it was to see Debbie Reynolds perform. How embarrassament. The Palais is well underutilised but I am not sure about its attachment, The Palace.

It probably does ok, but it is one ugly bit of architecture. It is likely to be demolished when the area is given a makeover in the near future. An East St Kilda resident ran for local council in the last election, and lost, over retaining The Palace. This person just happened to be Molly Meldrum's manager, I believe.

You know how some causes feel worthy? Live entertainment, that is bands, don't really interest me. But I think they are worthy and the venues where they perform are worthy. I don't know how much live stuff happens at The Palace, but I suspect not much.

I went there once. The back part, and it was called Bassline. It was the only venue I have been to where my teeth vibrated. Talking was impossible. There was a chill lounge, but it's music was too loud and the music from the main part penetrated. There were some quite famous people there and they must have had better drugs than I did as we left after half an hour and oddly headed for Hungry Jacks in Chapel Street. Not sure why or what time it was.

Anyway, knock it down, restore the Palais, make the area look stylish and maybe St Kilda will attract some tourists. And get rid of the scummy poor in the area, cut off their dole and give it to the artistic poor in the area. Yep, stylish St Kilda, but with artists and musos and no freaky mental cases, incontinent old and smack heads. That might attract badly needed tourists.

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