Friday, October 28, 2005

The lion, the king and the cockatoo

I have fought hard to only have a minimal number of plants on our balcony. The balcony is not huge. I don't want it cluttered. I don't want to have to cart plants in and out to water them. I have spent many, probably thousands of hours in the past tending to our gardens. They were pretty good. But now, just a couple of special plants is all that is needed.

R bashed off to see the Lion King last night. He loved it. I would not go. I did not really like the sound of it. It was terribly expensive. I was working too late anyway.

I arrived home with my chicken and chips from Charcoal Chicken in Balavclava. It was the largest quarter of chicken I have ever come accross. I could barely eat it all.

What has happened on the balcony? One annual flowering plant has just been disposed of recently because it ran out of flowers. Remaining is a woody flowering plant and a neglected cactus. The cactus was a gift. I don't like cactus much, so I never watered it. But that does not ensure the death of a cactus. As it was a gift, I was a bit loath to throw it out.

The two people who R was going to see the Lion King with were the ones who gave us said cactus.

(It is coming together, be patient)

These friends came here last night to call for R and then they travelled into town on the tram together.

But the balcony. Cactus bits strewn everywhere. The other plant had two thick stems cut off it. I am thinking the friends have tried to do something with the plants, then run out of time and just left the mess there.

I saw R briefly this morning and he had no knowledge of the incident and was just as curious, so it wasn't them. We have had quite a few birds on our balcony lately. A couple of doves, occasional blackbird and quite often, Indian Mynahs. But I have never seen them attack any plant like this.

I was puzzled. R worked it out. Cockatoos. I have heard of them attacking western red cedar in country houses, but an attack on a balcony in St Kilda Road? Only very sharp cocky like beaks could have bitten through the woody stems on one plant.

Yep, umpteen floors up with only two modest pot plants, we are the victims of a wild life attack. You truly would not believe the damage they did. It is fortunate that I care little for either plant.

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