Friday, October 28, 2005

Lack of social life

Let me think. I suppose the visit to Frankston Market last week was a social thing with some of my family, but otherwise, work has impacted heavily on any other social activity.

But on the horizon, Saturday night we have been invited to our dyke friend's newest squeeze for dinner in down town East St Kilda no less. Her newest squeeze is quite nice. Her mother did not cook, so she learnt herself at a young age and does it very well we believe. I only said so in front of our two closest friends, but oh, not a dyke social worker in government employ. Dame M, the boarder, and our friends the twinnies will attend too. I am morally concerned as our dyke friend's relationships don't normally last very long, and I hate the idea of her new squeeze going to so much effort for people she may never see again. Anyway, it is her choice, but.

Then we are invited to a cup day party, but as I am working, I cannot attend.

Cup night we are invited to Indian Divali celebrations. The days co-incides, take it as a omen for your Cup bets at your risk.

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