Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Day off should be good

Normally my days off are good. R is on hols this week and not speaking to me at the moment so it was not going to be a great day anyway, but made worse by, unusual for me, clumsiness.

Yep, I got the hat trick.

It started when I dribbled toothpaste on my dressing gown that was only washed two days ago.

Day off, clean pair of jeans, sit down at pc, and of course if you are going to slop coffee on your jeans, it will only be when they are fresh on.

Last was upending the liquid soap refill bottle in my bathroom to drain into the ceramic pump. It was sitting nicely and draining away when I left the room, but when I returned, it had shifted and there was a nice puddle of liquid soap next to the pump. Unlike spilt Pepermint Schnapps or pepper vodda, I did not lick it off the benchtop.


  1. It's a sign of getting old.

    Time you shunted yourself off to an old persons home.

  2. Yeah, can't wait for the dribble stains down my jumper and the urine stains on my pants. Ah, and don't forget all the hair sticking out of my ears.

  3. Oh well, there'll be nice hot boynurses to wipe your bum for you.

  4. I have no intention of having my ass wiped. I will stay at home, but of course if they are cute boy nurses, they can give me some relief in some areas.