Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blogger nerds

Not me of course, but arne't you bloggers all nerds? You sit at your pc and write stuff that you think may be interesting to someone else or perhaps it is a substitution for masturbation. I have news for you. You are a nerd, but why don't you post stuff to your blog at weekends?

Oh, too busy are you. (American readers, it is called irony)


  1. "American' and 'irony' in the same sentence!!! OMG WTF! You really are a silly twisted optimistic Pollyanna.

    (However they did elect George so maybe "I'm being a bit harsh Roy".)

  2. Blogging a substitute for masturbation? Not for me it ain't! Pussy or a blow job is the only substitution for jerking off dude! G'day mate!