Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Blog is Art

As mentioned in the past, I think, I consider blogs to be public performance art. If your posted art generates many thoughtful, well written, vexed, approving, go for it, you asshole, responses, then I think you have succeeded in your role as a creator of public performance art.

It would seem M!key succeeded extremely well on what I think is a sensitive and mostly directly unspoken issue, that is overweight people. He titled it Why I am a Callous Bastard. I might just call it the Fat Chicks post, or The Perils of Net Dating. It is well worth a read, especially the comments.

Here is the link and the comments that followed.


  1. Thanks for the link Andrew.

    What a shitfight it has been. Guess what? There is a side-effect to being challenging and offensive to others. it is known as the fucking "flag" button in the top right hand corner of the Blogger Nav Bar.

    It would seem that same petty prat has flagged me for having an opinion and now I have to "word verify" every time I want to post...

    I present this link:

    and this link that discusses the issue further:

    Sadly, having an opinion has whiskers these days...

  2. Hopefully it is only temporary. It was interesting to learn about the facility. Far to open to abuse as you are now aware.