Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I am the not so proud possesor of a bike. All I am saying at this stage is it did not cost me anything, it has one flat perished tyer and one worn out tyre and sticky brake cables. As I hung it on a hook in the bike room, I noticed how shabby it was compard to the others. But that is ok. I will see if I like the bike riding thing before committing many dollars.


  1. Nice work andrew, I hope you have many hours of fun. Remeber, that if if you are struggling with the bike, it is the bike that is the problem not riding. An important distinction to make when you start of on a hand-me-down bike ;-)

    BTW: I too couldn't wait to get home to see what had happened with my latest post - It would seem that I've really stirred everyone up with this one! How is that you can make forthright statements and us your readers nod in agreement, yet I get the shreds torn off me by enraged lefties?

  2. Um, well, contrary to how it may seem, I am a bit careful about what I say. As I have a minimal number of friends, I can't afford to piss any of them off. Keep up the good work, but you will hard pressed to top that post ;-)

  3. Yeah, I've been slammed. At current count the fatalities include at least 2 killed blog friends, One anonymous hate-commenter, numerous fickle females pissed-off and me flagged for offensive content...

    But back to bikes: enjoy!