Sunday, October 02, 2005

99 luff balloons

Actually, there were only 30 on Dame M's ceiling. Matched the number of guests, as opposed those who accepeted an invite, 60, as opposed to the 90 who were invited. R is very critical, quite rightly perhaps, of sending an invite via email.

Towards the end of the night, Dame M made a wonderful speech and directly addressed to those who she considered real friends, so perhaps it was as well that it was not a huge party. Her real friends were there. We, at our junior age, would be hard pressed to rustle up 30 friends for a party. Her totally hot muso/security/carpenter great nephew attended for a while, hot hot hot, but so straight. A certain forty plus single woman fell in lust with him, as did I again.

But what about this other guy I already know? Cute, young, hot, smooth, slim. Nah, 40+, hairy, shaved balding head, masculine and he was being a bit too 'familiar'. I have English heritage and so does he, we don't touch, unless it means something.

Being the shallow queen that I am, I am just curious and like to 'do him' once. Just out of curiosity you understand.

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