Monday, September 19, 2005


We were at our friends house recently and the telephone rang. Friend answered the phone then hung it straight up without saying anything but hello.

While I would never say, 'Who was that?', I did say something like 'wrong number was it?'

It was a telemarketer calling and my friend just hung up on them without saying a thing. I normally just say, 'sorry, thanks but I don't have the time', and then hang up.

I like the idea of just hanging up without saying anything, but it seems so rude.

How do other people deal with telemarketers on the phone?


  1. Anonymous9:33 am

    I simply hang up without saying anything. I didn't ask them to call me and I don't want them to call me. Talking is a waste of my time and, I suppose, of theirs. In my view social niceties can be suspended when someone rudely interrupts you without cause.

  2. Anonymous9:44 am

    Depends what questions they are going to ask. Sometimes I answer and sometimes I give them the hang up or threaten to investigate their employer's practices of calling silent numbers, and play silence games to sound like I'm ringing the police to trace their number, etc.