Tuesday, September 20, 2005


We have had many people do our tax over the years. One early one was in Mordialloc and that is all I can remember.

There was a Sri Lankan guy in Caulfield who was great, until he got prosecuted by the tax department. He restarted in a more legal abiding way, but his fee as against our return did not warrant a continuance.

So, I did it myself for a few years. But then it became too complicated. I asked a friend, kinda a business person, who he used. He told me who he used. He is gay and has a practice in the city. We made the appointment and he did an ok job, but the fee seemed quite high. We went back the next year and the fee was even more. Although I did not want to use him again, R insisted and our last tax preparation fee from him was over $200 each for fairly simple returns.

Another friend suggested we use his chap. He visits their house, does their tax and leaves. All we had to do was co-ordinate a time and we would be there too. So for the last three years, this is what we have done. The price goes up a couple of dollars each year, but even this year, it is less than $100 each. It is about an hours work onsite for this bloke so he earns around $400 from the four of us but then there is the follow up paper work.

Boy were we ripped off by that gay city accountant. Actually, I will name him. Terry Kennedy and Associates at 124 Exhibition Street. Yes, he has office expenses, but the difference is too great.

But I am happy. I have my tax cheque to pass on to Mr Visa who must be getting very worried about the much reduced income he receiving from me.

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