Friday, September 30, 2005


Dame M officially turns eighty in a couple of days. Saturday night will be her party with around sixty guests at her home. I have been to two 'official' parties at her home and they go off.

I have done some cooking for the party, made an effort with what I will wear and I will act as a waiter and music person quite a bit.........and I am working the next day, so it will be quite a sober affair for me.

In a way it is lucky that I am working Sunday, as previously we returned the next day to assist with clean up and ended up moving heavy antique furniture and monstrous rugs. But it was fun using a plug the hose in the wall vacuum cleaner. Very quiet. Ok, R will have to do some work perhaps.

Dame M lives in Charnwood Road, St Kilda in what was a Jewish Rabbi's house. He had five ugly daughters, Dame M tells us, and he divided his land for them to build their houses, hence the Charnwood Grove and Charnwood Crescent.

The lead up has been hard work, but I am sure it will be a party to remember.........and sadly, it will probably the last big one at her place. But maybe not. Perhaps the alcohol and nicotine will preserve her for a few years to come.

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  1. Andrew, I hope that you have managed to survive the debauchery or Dame M's partay... and just to give you something to do after work, I have tagged thee. Sally forth!


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