Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Tax cheque arrived, sorted out all tax stuff in the filing cabinet. Pulled out two filing cabinet files and expanded them to four. Yes, filing cabinet is well organised. Boxes in wardrobe need a bit of sorting, but not hard. Won't take long.

But this bloody computer thing never gets properly sorted. I am always behind the eight ball with filing, backing up, sorting through files, cds, pictures, movie files. A folder that was around 500mb has grown suddenly to 900mb, too big to fit on one cd. I have to work out how to divide it. My music sorting stopped half way. I started setting up a flikr picture site but I did not sort that out properly.

Instead of writing this, you will suggest I should be doing what I really need to do. You are right. But I hate sitting at the pc for a long period.

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