Sunday, September 18, 2005

Old TV

There are some very positive aspects to being older. I saw the first run of Gilligan's Island (I thought Gilliagan was cute, but then his fellow castaways weren't much competition), Lost in Space (moody Don was hot and I desperately wanted my own robot), The Jetsons (the future did not quite turn out like this) , Bonaza (big fat Hoss? was so nice, but Michael Landon was sexy as), Daniel Boone (my brother's fave, I did not like it much. Pieface Boone I used to call him).

I was mesmerised by Number 96 (Go to bed. I just want a glass of water) and The Box. Homicide, Division 4 and Matlock Police were great cop shows. What happened to Grigor Taylor? Paul Cronin dabbled in Tory politics I think. Except for Terry Donovan, I think all of the Homicide team are dead. Gerrad Kennedy from Div 4 is still around and acting.

Then there was the Magic Circle Club even earlier than these and Adventure Island (I can't separate the two in my head). Nancy Cato, the host, has recently been a victim of a council coup at Chapel off Chapel, but Chapel off Chapel would not be what it is today without her work.

Felix the Cat gave me the creeps and I wished I had a fly swat when Astro Boy was darting around everywhere.

If you are under a certain age, you may have only heard of Countdown and think it must have been fabulous. It wasn't. For every great five minutes, there were another fifty of pure boredom. Crap music, bad performers and a sometimes comatose host. Sorry Moll. There were various other music shows and I doubt they would stand the test of time. One was called GTK.

Just thought of something. A growing gay boy in the country watching Number 96. The hot looking main character is gay. No, he is not effem, he is a successful professional, he is a nice guy, not a murderer. Who said kids don't need positive role models? Thanks Joe Hasham.

What else? Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and that constant bleeping noise. We were never allowed to watch, but parents used to watch Peyton Place. The fugitive wasn't bad, nor The Invisible Man. I used to wonder if he wore clothes. The Littlelest Hobo, a take off of Rin Tin Tin I suppose.

Every house should have a Thing, as the helping hand was called in the Addams Family.

Lucille Ball was great in whatever she did. We recently had a souvlaki at Lambs in Malvern Road and she was on the tv there in a movie, maybe called The Long Long Trailer. It was just as funny as it ever was.

Mary Hardy in The Penthouse Club. My grandparents used to watch it and were constantly shocked at her foul mouth and vulgarity, but they came back every week to watch her. She was no oil painting and made fun of herself at her own expense. Years later, a friend living in the same apartment block on Beaconsfield Parade as Mary did, was there the night she shot herself. Her brother Frank wrote Power Without Glory, which had a profound impact on me when I read it.

On the Buses, Steptoe and Son, Dad's Army and The Rag Trade were all funny.

This is probably a post that should be saved and polished and added to, but I shan't.


  1. Marieke Hardy is also in that Family.

    She's the one we call "Ms Fits".

  2. Pass onto to her that Mary was ahead of her time. Like many very talented people, she was also very fragile.

  3. Hey there Andrew! I just did a blog post about Grigor Taylor! Check out my entry for 23 Jul 2006.