Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More problems at highriser's abode

Back in the early days of this building, maybe four years ago, a previous building manager expressed concern to the committee that in the case of power failure, all residents would be locked in the building as none of the doors would open.

The committee followed the matter up with the body corp managers and the fire safety maintenance company. The pressed the issue hard, kept notes and logs, but eventually gave up after being very assured by the fire safety company that all was well and the doors would unlock in the case of power failure.

Forward to the present and a maintenance person from the body corp maintenance company has discovered that the doors will not open. If there was a fire and a power failure, we would be locked in and could be toasted to a cinder.

The fire safety maintenance company has been paid many of thousands of dollars to make a weekly inspection and check of all safety systems, but it would seem they have not bothered to check this.

There is a lot happening behind the scenes and it would see the company is in a bit of trouble. Other buildings have been inspected since this discovery and the count is now up to eleven with a similar problem.

The way contractors continually cheat bodies corporate is a disgrace. Overcharging, not doing the work they are supposed to, near enough is good enough, doing work that is not required, the list is endless. At least I live in a building with a very active and committed body corporate committee. Not too many buildings have a committee like ours. The list of issues that the committee and the present building manager has discovered is long and scary and one day there will be a very big scandal broken in the media.

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