Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I don't take much interest in Aussie Rules, but if you read papers, watch tv and listen to the radio, you can't help being a bit caught up in it.

Some bloke called Ben (later edit, maybe his name is Barry) who is captain? of the Sydney team is now allowed to play in the grand final after being given a reduced penalty for his on field crime.

Media have been stroking themselves over this. Will he be allowed to play in the grand final or not? This would lead you to think that his particpation is fairly crucial.

But I recall seeing media a week or so ago giving him a hard time about his on field performance, to the point that he became quite naf with them. Media really is having a bob each way.

The politics of this footyball game is quite interesting and so are the particpants sometimes. I know a great Wayne Carey joke. This years CHARLES Brownlow medal winner has very nice teeth. Must have cost him a bomb.

PS I just had a quick look at and someone called Scott Thompson won the Best Looking and Fairest Player award, Ben Cousins was second.

Note to self: Topical, so post without review.

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