Thursday, September 22, 2005

A find at City Library

I came across a booklet in the City Library published by the PTUA in 1991. Greening Melbourne with Public Transport is the title. It is quite sad to read of so many proposals and so little achieved. OK, we have a tram from Mont Albert to Box Hill. But that would seem to be best achievement (make allowances for me not researching facts).

Someone had a dream of how public transport would function in Melbourne in 2005 and put their thoughts in the booklet. Very disappointing reading.

Even thought I am a committed communist, I would vote for Doyle if he came up with a wonderful vision for public transport. Extensions of lines, improvements to service frequencies, a simpler fare system, a serious attempt to alleviate congestion affecting trams and buses.

Why can't a politician have a vision of a big city well served by public transport. It will cost initially, but the rewards, financial and other will be reaped later.


  1. I was flicking through my copy a few days ago. While many have not been done, some have. Of the biggies:

    Electrification St Albans to Sunbury - half done

    Electrification to Craigieburn - underway

    Tram East Burwood to Knox - half done

    Electrification to Cranbourne - done

    One big win was the boost to Sunday services, which came after a deputation to then minister Alan Brown, who took one proposal "7 day service for a 7 day city" and made it an election pledge, which was kept.

    But yes, no shortage of things still to do.

  2. It is hard to imagine what it was like with the Sunday service that used to operate. Trams get good Sunday loadings now.

  3. The trams were mostly every 20 minutes before that on Sunday arvos. Not great, but passable. It was the trains that sucked major-arse -- every 40 minutes: bleagh.

  4. By the way, given the tolls debacle, I wouldn't bet on having a chance to vote for Doyle at the next election.

  5. Further post on public transport coming. I have discoveed some disturbing stuff.