Monday, August 01, 2005

Wars of the World

R insisted we see it. I did not mind really, although a friend on Saturday night had said he did not like it. Check on line for movie times. Jam Factory.....nah, not in the mood. The George.......yeah, that would be ok. Sun in Yarraville, great place, but too late in the day. Crown........hmmmm, could check out the market on the Yarra bank that I have never been to and it is a nice day, so a walk along the river would be nice.

Ok, Village site says, 1.05, 2.20, 5.0o. The 1.05 will do nicely. We checked out the market and walked along the river bank and went in to buy the tickets. What has happened to the 1.05 showing? Only the 2.20 is listed. Double check with ticket seller. Yes, correct, 2,20 is the next screening. I have never found the online info to be inaccurate in the past. It was possible, I suppose, that I made a mistake and read Saturday instead of Sunday or something dumb like that. I don't usually make that sort of error. I normally check and then double check.

So we had a couple of hours to fill in. Something to eat and some very nice coffee (at $3.50 a cup, it should be) filled in an hour.

My usual $5 investment in Kerry's electronic machines returned $80. Then an ice cold gin and tonic at The Pub took us through to the movie time.

The movie was quite good although I could have done without that screaming daughter and the sullen son. I was pleased when he seemed to get killed and also pleased when she got taken up into whatever it was. I thought that was the end of her, alas no, she had more screaming to do yet. Father and mid teenage daughter who was past screaming would have been much better.

It was nice to walk out of the complex into the fresh air and along the Yarra bank. While we waited ten or so minutes for the bus home, we watched the various water craft maneuvering on the river.

Of course, the first thing I did when I got home was check the Village site. Who the f*** would think that they would be screening a movie at 1.05 am Sunday morning.

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