Monday, August 08, 2005


Before sleeping last night I planned our Sunday to the last letter. But I also knew the weather was iffy. What a great word iffy is, seldom seen written. The day needed to be flexible. The dark cloud of having to start work at 3,30 hovered as well. I want bacon and eggs. I have not had bacon and eggs for ages. We will go into town and have bacon and eggs at that Asian outdoor place in Swanston St. Sorry, no breakfast Sunday. Oh, then we will go to one of the other outdoor places that always try and cheat you. They add an extra egg, and charge for it when that is not what your ordered. These really are places for people visiting the big smoke from country Victoria.

The very nice couple next to us who we had a chat with ordered their food.
"Darls, what are you gonna have for dinner?" I cannot remember the last time I heard lunch referred to as dinner. They were very nice. Salt of the Earth you might say. I would say they just very common. Swan Hill maybe.

Up to Pricaleni for some product.

Down to the mall. How much work is happening in Melbourne. The mall is chaos and the tram stop is on the wrong side of the street. Ah, immediately an 86 tram arrives showing Docklands. Sky looks to be clearing. Worst case is we have coffee at Docklands and come back into town. It is nice and warm in this B class tram.

As R told me umpteen times, we should have alighted at the corner of Latrobe Street and Harbour Esplanade. Instead we went one stop further that must have been a mile further on. We were smack bang in the middle of Docklands New Quay. It was cold, wet and had the atmosphere of a cemetery. We need to walk south if we want to walk over this Webb Bridge. A heavily Italian accented older man asked me if I knew where the green grocer was? A green grocer at Docklands, get real papa. I said sorry, we are not local people, I have no idea.

Walk south at a brisk pace on shared bike path. Ding ding, ok, I strayed a bit to the right on the path. R comments that all cyclists should be shot and all bikes destroyed in response to me saying I should get a bicycle. Yep, there is Shed 14, the home of so many infamous dance parties that we attended. One night I recall was 6000 gay and lesbian people having a fantastic dance party in this shed. It seems so long ago.

We deviated into Docklands Park. It was quite nice. It would have been very nice if the sun was shining and no wind. Oh, look. There is a public lavatory, just as my fluid reduction blood pressure medication has kicked in. Nope, locked up. There is a huge amount of mosquito breeding territory in Docklands Park. Waterways everywhere. Stagnant looking waterways. Have I dissuaded anyone for buying an apartment at Docklands and driven the price of our place up?

I recalled some person complaining about buying an apartment at Docklands that was promised that it would be gold clad, and it was not. I think she had a point as we could not work out which building was supposed to be gold.

We walked across Webb Bridge, very boring and next to Webb Bridge is Charles Grimes Bridge and we could see the tops of heads walking across that on their way to the footy at Docklands Stadium. This new link 'finally linking the north and south banks of the Yarra' seems somewhat superfluous.

We walked along the south bank of the Yarra, which was most interesting, to the Casino. We recalled what a beautifully sunny day it was last Sunday when we were there to see a movie. We walked futher to Queensbridge St and caught the inaugural Sunday 55 route tram home. R only validates his ticket the first time and won't do it again, but I insisted so that the powers that be know people are using this new service.

R had a call on his phone with a dinner invitation. His contribution was desert, so we ended our outing at our local 711 buying a sticky date pudding.

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