Monday, August 08, 2005


Ok, you blokes who typed 'nipples' into google and arrived at this post probably are not interested in what follows as I am mainly talking about men's nipples. I think it is sad that woman must cover theirs in public, but wonderful that men are free to flaunt theirs. I have very limited experience of women's nipples, so I am no authority at all on them, but maybe it sort of works in a similar way.

What works? It has always struck me as odd that half of the male population seem to get absolutely no pleasure from having their nipples stimulated. I certainly am not one of that group. I like nipples, my own and other guy's nipples. To me they are a sexual organ and possibly should be covered up in public. A tight shirt or tee with two little bumps on the chest will get a second look from me. Bending forward with a loose shirt on and I get a glimpse is most kind of you.

First meeting: "I have very sensitive nipples", he said. Ohoh, what does this mean I wondered. Does he mean they are tender and it will cause pain to him if they are touched? Does it mean it is a no go area for him? He was 27, lean, hard bodied and smooth. I am going to find out.

What he actually meant was that if they were even just slightly brushed with just the back of the hand, he was immediately hard. While they weren't his only 'g spot', they certainly seemed to be his prime one. I won't go into the details of how I took advantage of the this cute young man's sensitive area, but took advantage I did and he came back for more and more.

But he is not the only one. There are many guys who like attention to their nipples to varying degrees. I hope not to offend, but I am really puzzled by those guys who have 'dead' nipples. Perhaps it is mind over matter. They feel they are being too feminine or submissive if they enjoy it. No one ever told me that guys can get pleasure from having the nipples stimulated. I had to learn that for myself. You won't see it in the general media. Maybe some women don't get excited by having their nipples stimulated?

I will leave you with this little question and answer.

How do you titillate and ocelot?

Oscillate it's tit a lot.


  1. Anonymous6:31 am

    My wife has nipples I can't get enough of both visually and orally ... even after being married for more than 2000 years.

    Not sure that she gets as much stimulation pay off from my paying attention to them as I get from giving them my undivided attention.

    And on the other hand - pardon the expression :0)- there's a direct line of credit between my nipples and my cock.

    Lick or suck my nipples and I'm anybody's, but you'll have trouble getting past the aforementioned woman who stands very proprietorially at the head of the queue.

  2. Good to hear. As I suspected it is not a gay thing at all. Btw, I am gay and I like to have sex with guys who like having sex with guys, so I won't be in any queue for a straight guy.

  3. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Aw gee. That is so sexist! :0)

    Errrm, yes I did kinda gather you were gay. You must have let something slip out to that effect in one of your posts. :0)

    (Also assume you're not a Pom, on account of not liking to queue.)

    Yep, am on the straight side of bent but do like an interesting blog, be it written by a straight, a bi, a gay or an inanimate object.

    My turn to pose a question.

    Kinsey concluded that bisexuality was the statistical norm, seeing hetero and homo sexuality as merely opposite peaks in a continuum. “Males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual,” Dr. Kinsey wrote. “The world is not to be divided into sheep and goats.”

    Explain and discuss preferably in less than 100 foolscap pages. Fold your paper vertically and place on the supervisor's desk and please leave the examination centre in an orderly fashion.

    (and re your other posting about the OZ newspaper, I've read it sporadically ever since it was first published. (Yes I'm that old, but slightly younger that my 2000 y.o. wonderfully benippled wife previously mentioned.) Now I only get it on Sat. Though this is a slightly irrelevant point when assessing newspapers, I've always thought of it as the most aesthetically pleasing of the majors.

    Senor Nippleman

  4. Kinsey is now being shown in japan for the first time too.

    My nipples don't respond to stimuli. I think it's a bit like the female orgasm - some can achieve it, others not. Some can receive erogenic stimulation from their nipples, others can't.

  5. Senor Nippleman, I thought I may have offended you with my strong reply. I am pleased that you are not. I am actually bisexual, but I have a strong preference.

    Re Kinsey. That is one reason why I like guys, they are so easy. They just respond to stimuli, unlike, I think, women. Or am I wrong about that. Some do perhaps.

  6. Thanks Agent. Further confirmation that some people, male or female, like it and some don't. Oh, just remembered, you are somewhat an expert advisor in this area. Btw, I am shattered that you don't like it. I will just have to think of another fantasy for tonight.