Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The newspapers

In Melbourne we have a little paper and a big paper. Often forgotten is that we have another big paper that has a national distribution. At the urging of a friend I bought the weekend edition of The Australian for the atomic bomb anniversary supplement. I am the type who reads the Vegemite jar label at the breakfast table, so over four days I have waded through the rest of the paper.

In days before the internet took so much of my time, I used to read both the big paper and the little paper every weekday and Saturday, and also The Australian on Saturday. I cannot imagine how I found the time. I also had a big house to renovate, a garden to look after, pets requiring attention, and we had a busy social life too. That shall forever remain a mystery to me.

The Australian was always a very 'conservative' paper but if you wanted to hear a right wing point of view argued well, then it was the paper to buy.

It has not changed but what I immediately noticed was the quality of the writing in comparison to our local big paper. What I noticed later was the volume of reading in the paper. I don't read everthing in a newspaper, but there certainly was plenty to grab my attention. I was very impressed by the coverage of news of the Australia's BAPH cities.

I don't know anyone who reads The Australian regularly, but I will bet that if I meet someone who does, they will be a very knowledgeable person.


  1. If you still have that article about Rod Quantock, I'd very much like to see it please.

    I'm more famous :)

  2. Sorry Andy. I thought you might immediately respond and when you didn't, it went for recyling. But it must of been you he was referring to. It can't be a far stroll from Southbank to the offices of the Herald Sun, wherever they are now. They should have it.


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