Monday, August 08, 2005


In the vein of the nipple post, there are also ears. I don't mind mine being played with, but really it does not do much for me. I think tongues and orifices generally make great mates, except for the ears.

It is absolutely disgusting to stick a tongue into an ear. Yuk, yuk, yuk. I don't want your wet slobbery saliva in my ear and nor am I going to clean the ear wax out of yours with my tongue. If you are a 20 year old, handsome, hung, muscled Adonis, I still ain't doing it.


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  1. Anonymous6:31 am

    Well. I am a 20 - errr, sorry jacket, tie and honesty required - 2000 year old, handsome, hung, muscled Adonis, and Senora Nipplewoman is into ears - well not *into* into, I likewise would find that problematic, but she's an ear lobeyist. (Don't do nuthin' for me, but if it leads to - well, I'm not gonna bother to don a dissuasive balaclava)

    Senor Nippleman.