Sunday, August 07, 2005

Big night out

It was arranged a week ago that we would go ‘out’ this Saturday night. Out? Oh, not sure about that, well if you insist. I have forgotten how to go out to a bar. What does one wear? We discussed this in the lift with a neighbour and concluded that at our age it does not matter what would wear and if you are young it does not matter what you wear. The late twenties and thirties must be the critical age for clothes.

Ok, the tight white tee is pressed along with the flannelette shirt. There is nice sharp crease down the faded and slightly torn jeans. No, hang on, that was the seventies. Since I have never ironed jeans, I would not even have had the crease.

Now tram or car? Decided on the car and my turn to drive so only light beer. Boring.

We had jokingly suggested we would start at DTs for one show, then The Laird, Trade Bar, The Peel then end up at Club 80 (just to watch a movie of course), just like we used to years ago.

We had a drink before showtime at DTs in Church St. It was packed, hot and smoky but a great atmosphere. There were three performers and the host Dulcie De Jour. Magnolia Thunderpussy (that name always amuses straight people no end) wowed the crowd with River Deep, Mountain High and she looked suspiciously younger that the last time I saw her.
Dulcie: “I have two words to say to you all, Maria Korp. There will be a memorial car boot sale tomorrow at the Shrine followed by drinks and a sausage sizzle at Mickelham where we will watch Joe Korp get a decent haircut.”
Yep, she has not changed, still very bad taste humour. Apart from the guys who were with us, we did not know anyone except for the bar manager Bruce and a real estate agent who R nearly biffed twenty years ago.

Another friend turned up from his dinner at Le Meridian and wanted to go to The Laird for a drink, so after the first show, we followed the winding path from the end of Church St to Gipps St.

While DTs had not changed, The Laird certainly had. There is a second bar now, the interior has had stuff removed to create a more open space. The open fire has been converted to a gas fired fake coal fire which was warm to stand in front of without getting burnt like the old open fire. Lighting was excellent and flattering, the music, with a dj was good and not too loud for conversation and still the buckets of peanuts to feast on.

The venue’s customers seemed to have not changed at all.

Now what about the courtyard? Vine covered pergola, feeding the possum with peanuts, standing around the burning brazier is what I recall. Nope, retractable roof, overhead gas heating, no possum in sight. I was pleased to see fire safety equipment had been installed both inside and out.

We left at 12.30, tired and we were in bed by 1.30. This morning I feel crap, even though I had almost nothing to drink.

Might go and investigate this new Webb Bridge over the Yarra. That should clear the head.


  1. I know why you feel crap Andrew! Look at the time you're up! You needed to sleep-in until about 10:30, at least.

    But, I understand... my body clock woke me up at 7:30 this morning, but I forced myself to doze longer.

  2. You are probably right M!key, but the later I go to bed, the less sleep I seem to need. R slept until 11, haha.