Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Passed me by

I watched in awe as a friend sent a fax. It is one piece of technology they I never got involved in, apart from occasionally accidently calling a fax number (damn, that just cost 20 cents). On the couple of occasions I have needed to send a fax I gave it R. "Take that to work and fax it will you sweetie".

The other day a friend sent a fax for another friend as I watched. He placed the paper in a kind of tray, pressed some numbers, I assume a telephone number. The machine made some dial up modem type noises and sucked the paper through. I am not quite sure what happpens at other end, except I guess they get a copy of what was put through this machine. I made it wonder about how all those words go down the telephone line. I never wonder about it with email, it just does.

But in the time that my friend spent writing the fax, the time it took to send it, the cost of the call, gee, I could have written two emails, posted to my blog and and watched a video file of Leonal Rivera giving himself some oral satisfaction.

I suppose faxes are slowly dying and fax machines will soon be museum pieces. I won't miss what I never had. I am trying to think of the brand name of a fax machine that was big in the eighties, with lots of tv advertising, but it won't come to me.

Ok, better log off, time to get some metho and get some copies of that St Kilda Rd News Letter roneoed off.


  1. We still use faxes for sending instructions through to site and to contractors. they're a good way to get a plan extract or illustration through quickly and easily. Email is still a but cumbersome as you have to draw, scan, convert to pdf and then send, where with a fax, you just scrawl on paper, and send. Easy.

    Was it Brother faxes that had all the ads?

  2. I feel a post about pdf coming on. I had forgotten about Brother, but no, it wasn't Brother.

  3. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Oh! We just got a speccy new printer/fax/scanner, which scans (and then sends to an email address) way faster than it can dial/fax! Only A4 size unfortunately, but I just emailed 30 pages of hardcopy (in like 30 seconds) for the first time the other day.

  4. Ok, I am impressed Terry. I just hope they don't feel the need to print it out, but they will.