Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The friend's pc

It is seldom that I will say that pcs and me get along well but tonight was an exception. If you are an avid reader of my blog and have a good memory as well, you will recall that we gave our old pc to our friends, M&R. I suggested that they take it to a local pc shop and get a win98 reload. 6gb HD was too small for XP. They did and unfortunately the pc shop added Norton virus checker and all that goes along with it. Bloatware. Hate it. Hate Bill's Word program too, far too clever. Keep it simple please, I only want to write a letter.

We gave them the pc one year ago. Once during a visit, I tried to defrag their pc, but the usual Win98 thing happened, that is activity in the background prevents defrag working. I think five minutes of hard drive activity after start up indicates something is not right.

Ok, screw their lousy iprimus internet, tonight I am focusing on the pc itself. First, uninstall Norton. Second, msconfig/startup and stop almost all these things happening in the background. Third, add/remove programs and get rid of what I did not know. Four, delete all temp files, internet history files, cookies etc. Empty recycle bin and restart. Next, scan disk. It is 373 days since you have scanned. Yes, I know. It took a good hour and half, but done. Defrag took just under an hour, but never stopped. Dom Perigcheap Brut, Noodle Box and cake swimming in custard later, Installed AVG from Grisoft and tweaked it's settings. Then installed www.adaware.com Both burnt onto a cd in advance. I scanned with both and they had 26 trojans (what was Norton doing?) and quite a few ad residents.

Both programs did their job well. Empty recycle bin again and restart. The more I did to the pc, the faster it worked.

Went online and updated virus checker and adaware.

Added to their favourites, http://gay.groupfinder.us/ so that they can satisfy their porn desires.

Deleted useless icons on their desktop.

Reinstalled acdsee classic. It is years old and recently I downloaded infranview or sumat. Would not do what I was familiar with, so I too am using a years old version of acdsee. I have to uninstall and reinstall once a month to get rid of the nag but that is no problem. Takes about a minute.

I can imagine the conversation in the computer shop one year ago. M asked for a win98 reload, and no doubt the guys asked him about his situation. They suggested putting on a virus checker and M would have said yes. Event their crap internet is a bit better now without Norton.

I think they are now out of contract with iprimus, so the next task is to find them a decent dial up connection. Unless they find heaps of stuff at gay.groupfinder.com and then I might have to find them a broadband connection.

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