Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dirty housewife

You would think that when you live high off the ground, that you would not get much dirt onto your floors. We walk across mats on a granite floor, stand on carpet in a lift, walk across carpet on our landing, across marble at our front door and then onto the carpet in our apartment.

But still the carpet needs vacuuming once a week at least. Of course it is a big improvment on when we had pets and the informal living area had to be done daily, but still.

Mostly it is bits of lint or cotton, but not all. People just make a mess hey.

PS. I had a paper jam in the printer today and had to disconnect it to have a look. If you check yesterday's photo, you will see it sits on a filing cabinet. Where it has sat for about eighteen months was filthy. Must have a word to the cleaner............oh, that's me.

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