Sunday, May 01, 2005

Vayze, varze, voize. It is still just something that holds a flower. R had the day off on Friday, as did I, and so we decided to vistit Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. It is a while since we have 'done the shops' there and many have changed. It used to have a bit of a gay feel to it, but that has long gone. There were some obvious dykes, but very few, unlike ten years ago. I could not even find where my fave little place, The Angel, was. Mind you, I don't know that my head was ever quite clear when I used to go there with a dyke/workmate/prostitute friend. But we had a lot of fun.

Anyway, R got his hair cut at GI Joes and we then have a very nice lunch of foccacia and coffee. Foccacia is still very popular in Brunswick Street. We did the shops and found the pictured resin vase. We are not sure if we really like it, but it was reduced from $50 to $10, so it was worth taking a chance on. Maybe you disagree! Ah well, it amused us for a few minutes.


  1. Course it is. A real flower sitting in water in a container.


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