Monday, May 16, 2005

Swanston Street

Is it Swanston Street, Swanston Walk or Swanston Street Walk. I dunno. Changed at some point and I forget. It is supposed to be a pedestrian friendly street that runs through the heart of Melbourne. It has trams running along it, delivery vehicles restricted to certain times, tourist buses that pick up and drop off, a taxi rank with restrictions as to where they can enter and exit and between 7pm and maybe 7am private cars are allowed to use it but not to park.

Tonight, Sunday, there were many cars parked. Taxis were lined up where they weren't supposed to be, the tourist buses during the day are downright dangerous, deliveries happen any time. Private cars use it during the day. Any user is only supposed to travel one block, and then exit. This is ignored. It is a total farce.

Since I won't be on the body corporate committee for much longer, I will have more time and mental energy to bother councils about such matters.

Crusade number one. There is one mansion in St Kilda Road that is still privately owned. The owner hates the excessive signage (especially private) in St Kilad Rd, and I am going to assist him to rid the street of it. I will post more about this later.

Crusade number two. Bother City of Melbourne about Swanston Street.


  1. I'm with you on crusade number two. My main gripes about it are, in no order of preference:

    * Taxis
    * Private cars
    * Horse drawn carriages
    * Brunswick Drivers
    * Malvern Drivers

    Email me privately, and let me know what you plan. Meow.

  2. I'm there for number one - St Kilda road is now largely a faceless corporate hive, devoid of the character I never knew it had.

    I also dislike those stupid horsedrawn carriges and thier dislike of cyclists. If your horses can't cope with bikes, let alone traffic, pedestrians and trams don't subject them to the city! (rant, rant, rant...)

    good luck, m!key

  3. I've noticed the same thing myself and am extremely pissed off about it, especially when they you know they are doing over the limit in the area and absolutely have fuck all idea on what they should be doing in the first place. I think that It is a great idea to highlight the situation to the council.

  4. Yep M!key, they got rid of horses years ago for good reasons.


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