Monday, May 23, 2005

Slap hell

Sorry, got that wrong, Shapelle. It would seem she is no longer in danger of being shot, but is alive and well.

From the over the top media coverage in Australia that is mixed, confused, supported and denied, you really can't have an opinion based on fact or logic.

But here are some facts and standards.

Smoking a joint of mary jane is hardly a heinous crime. While the person who supplies it is more cutlet perhaps, well, it has to be bought from someone, they can't be too guilty either. Just small time, bit of money on the side, pays for their own usage. Our courts won't judge you too harshly.

Dope if it is dried is pretty light. 4.1 kilos of the stuff is an awful lot. 4.1 kilos is not light.

Indonesian grown dope is crap and I know why. It grows too quickly in the tropical climate. It doesn't develop strength of THC is it? It is like overwatering a tree when it is young. It might grow quickly, but it won't have strength to resist the wind. A slower growth will make it a strong tree.

90% of Channel 9 viewers think she is innocent. Channel 9's demographic is an older conservative viewer and Shappelle presents well. She is lucky her skin is not brown and she doesn't have slanty eyes and a bad Aussie/foreigner accent. The figure might be 35% then.

This one is hard and I have not thought it through and I don't really have the knowledge to do so, but the Indonesian judges of court are smart people, or they would not be judges. I doubt that they are concerned with the Aussie public opinion. If the general public of Australia chucks a wobbly after the verdict, they won't care. Indonesia has been around a long time and will survive with or without Australia.

Fact # 57 and racist statement. Indonesia will benefit from and take from Australia what they want. They will take our money, but they don't like us. Indonesia is quite different from most other Asian countries to whom who we feel close to. They have attititude bigtime.

Sum up. Whatever the decision, it will be in the interests of Indonesia and they will see justice served.

Wrap. Well I always thought Lindy was guilty.


  1. First time first comment on my own blog, but how did guilty in the the fourth para get changed to cutlet?

  2. andrew: Have you been ripping cones, perhaps?

  3. I did come across some banksia cones at the beach last week. Never had a close look at them before, but I didn't rip them up.

  4. Yeah, that one threw me...

    I thought it must have been a coloquialism that had passed me by.