Friday, May 27, 2005

Rosebud, Hunch and Wog Boy

Ok Daniel. I am provoked.

Three years ago, I befriended an overseas student from Singapore. Just a friend understand. He returned to Singapore but before he left, he gave some bits and pieces he no longer had a use for and did not want to have them shipped.

One such item was a video tape of The Wog Boy. It has sat around for three years and this week I decided to watch it. I watched about half and then decided it was good enough for R to see, so I have not finished yet.

Derryn Hinch features extensively in the movie and co-incidently he was in the lift as I was going out yesterday. He complained that he was only paid for three hours of filming, but it was edited so that he was in throughout. Good one wog boys!!!

Now I don't actually know whether Kennedy had HIV but it would certainly seem not. But had I known Mr Hinch was going to do that before the Kennedy's blood was even cold, I would not have had such an amiable conversation with him.

But I also try to remember that this is his home too. I have never been attacked in my home over my job, nor should he be here in his home.

He is always polite when I see him, as are we when we see him. But we will probably not converse with him for a while.

Off to Rosebud to stay at our own at a friends house for the weekend. Everyone enjoy yours.

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