Monday, May 16, 2005

Road Rage

It is usually me mumbling about slow Sunday drivers that switch off their brains on the holy day. But today I did the Sunday driver act........well not really but someone thought I was and it incited them to road rage.

My sister in law and a friend stayed last night after going to Hunchbax Theatre Restaurant. It was a good perve said she. For gays who fequent Commercial Rd, the guy in the big picture in the dental whitening business in Izett Street was one of the performers.

Her friend went home this morning and sis in law was going to the football this afternoon. So we took her to Red Orange for their half price weekend breakfasts, then for a drive around Albert Park Lake to see all the doggies being paraded around the lake. There were thousands of them. Then down to the beach and Beacon Cove and back home through South Melbourne.

I feel a bit sorry for Beacon Cove residents at weekends when they are invaded by tourists and sightseeers, just as we were doing, but that doesn't mean they have to be nasty.

I was driving along westerly through Beacon Cove housing with a Mercedes tailgating me. I ignor behaviour like this. I take no notice, or try not to. I wasn't going unreasonably slowly for a residential area but the Mercedes did not like me slowing down much for speed humps. It was not more than half a metre behind me as I went over the speed humps. Then I did a wicked thing. I stopped at a stop sign, as I do normally, traffic coming or not. Well this was one helluva crime in the Mercedes eyes. She blasted me with her horn. I could not help but look in the mirror then. She was 40, big blonde hair and she threw her hands in the air and made like tearing her hair out. I turned into the single lane road that had wide bike lane and accelerated to the speed limit and she roared past me on the left with barely a couple centimetres to spare and then swung in hard almost clipping the front of my car.

Unlike Andy, I did not persue her. The whole thing amused me immensly. I only wish I had slowed to a crawl when she was trapped behind and tempt her to ram me and she could see how tenacious I would be over legal action. It would be worth taking a second mortgage to fund a legal action.

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  1. Yeah, the really slow option would have been awesome: I usually go slow, and then throw in a brake check for good measure. if they don't back off after that and cool it, stop. It's lots off fun and that kind of person will FREAK! Good sport that.


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