Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Raspberry jam

Or is it quince? No. Ummmm, blueberry? Ah, I know Blackberry. I am so excited about Blackberry, even though I don't really know what it is, but I think I must have one. I think you can telephone people, send emails, cruise the web, probably it is an address book too.

Yes, that is what I need. Then I can be using a computer all day every day no matter where I am. I won't be away from being online when I am at work or when R wants to use the pc. My life will be full, meaningful and complete. Yes. Definitely. I am certain, I think.


  1. Always thought you were a bit of a fruit Andrew...

    You can get those USB2 plugs for the back of your brain if you visit the right doctor in Costa Rica - that might be worthwhile also?

  2. Interesting M!key, that the world's greatest pornography machine becomes less and less interesting to me. What was a toy that would keep me up until the birds started singing is now a part of everyday life that would be annoying to be without, but not impossible. And while I may not really know what a Blackberry is and nor am I that interested, I do know what a USB2 is.

  3. Oh, and the fruit reference was a nice piece of work.

  4. Cheers Andrew.

    Oh? Can you get porn on the net!? Shocking! The 'net can be good for gathering information about things you'd other wise struggle at. eg: I like Formula 1, World Rally and Cylcing, but none of these really get much coverage here in Oz, but on the internet, all the info is there. I like that. Otherwise blogging and bloggers in what amuses me. "surfing" is a fading passtime.



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