Thursday, May 19, 2005

Kiss me

No names, but I have been kissed by straight guys before, but in a pleasant flirtatious way and no problem with that.

But this was a bit over the top. When seeing off R's o/s rels on Anzac Day, that is the straight couple from Jersey, I offered a hug and then he kissed me on the cheek. No, not a peck or a touch of the cheek. A suck in kiss. Eeeek. And equally bothering is that when we first met her, she kissed me on the lips. Nah, not on. Cheek peck for friends. Lips for people you know intimately. But even that doesn't really work either as some friends I kiss on the lips. I am confused.

I have got quite modern and hip. I will kiss anyone anywhere almost. But less half the time does it feel natural and when it does feel natural, it is a very thing.

I am reminded of an English tv series when a visiting cousin from the US met her English aunt, and the aunt said, "We're English, we don't kiss". Perhaps my antecedents are very dominant.

I do like the modern hug though, so long as it is brief, except, please don't squash whatever might be in my top pocket and if you are female, can you kinda keep your bossom out of the way. Nah, that is physically impossible in a hug situation, isn't it.

Ah, bugger it. Can't we go back to shaking hands with men, kissing women you know well, otherwise, just touching their hand? Bloody faggots and foreigners, they have mucked up all this kissing business.


  1. Next time use tongue. Then we'll see what the reaction will be.

    Even i wonder at times about kissing a friend.

  2. Thanks darkseason. I pleased to know that even younger out there people are not completely au fait with the kissing business.


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