Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gay stereotypes

I am a member of a public transport online yahoo group. Those of you who actually know me, will know why, but that is beside the point. I believe in public transport and it is a good group. One evening, late at night, after too many glasses of cheap cardonnay(sic), I erroneously posted a message to the public transport group that was meant to go to a queer Melbourne yahoo group, not the public transport group. I quickly realised my error and deleted the post and made a sorry, mea culpa, statement.

What was amazing was the next day I had all these emails from guys in the public transport group who were gay! The tone was generally ‘well, I am gay but we don’t talk about it and are not very out’.

I thought that I had already outed myself in the group previously, but it would seem not.

What you straight blokes need to realise is that just because we are gay, we are not automatically connected. We are as different as you and any other straight bloke. Gay people only have one thing in common, nothing more.

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  1. Oh damn of all times that I didn't pay attention to the emails, well I don't anyway just depends on the topic in the subject line.

    So how many and who? (yes you can reply on my email if you wish)

    I'm just curious ;)