Sunday, May 22, 2005

E waste

E waste is a new term that I have just come across. What to do with your old computer or mobile phone or anything asssociated with them. One sentence that grabbed me in the newspaper article that I read was that, "people are reluctant to throw out something that they have paid so much money for".


I haven't thrown anything away yet. Our old computer went to an organization in North Melbourne. It wasn't a charity but similar. They were very grateful.

My first mobile phone I sold to a friend for $100. I feel guilty about this now, but they wern't cheap then. The next phone I gave to a friend for someone overseas. The next, just gave to a friend and the last one, I still have, just in case.

What I have contributed to the ewaste pile is ink cartridges. I just chucked them in the bin. We don't print much so it would only be few. But not a good thing to do and I won't do it again. Planet Ark recyles them I believe.

What I did do wrong, was dump our old tv in a bin. He was a big heavy monster. Into the bin, into the dump truck, to the tip, crushed with other waste probably and now it is part of land fill. If our present one broke down irrepairably, I don't know how I would get rid of it.

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