Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Divide by three or alternatively, getting old

Australia is divided into three groups of people. There are those who smugly say, 'oh, I pay my credit card off every month. They never make money from me.'

Then there are those who never pay their credit card off and it troubles them at times, but they laugh it off. They will usually add something like 'money is no use in the bank', or 'I can't take it with me', or my favourite that my step mother uses, 'shrouds dont' have pockets'.

But there is the other third who stay quiet and you can guess they have a credit card debt but they are not going to admit it.

You can only guess which group I fall into but I will tell you I have a smart new black Virgin credit card that takes your existing credit card balance and only charges you around 5% and a low normal interest rate. Do read the fine print though.

To the point now and it is nothing to do with credit cards. Tonight I had a hamburger from Grill'd. Not cheap at $7.90 but it was pretty good. But god, the over the top effusivness, niceness, friendlyness of the staff is quite challenging for an older person like moi.

It is the same with the people at the end of the phone when you ring Virgin Credit Cards. They talk in a really weird way, which I expect that young people would appreciate. It is the same with their written communications. It is very informal. I expected to come across 'bud' somewhere in their writing.

Can't we go back to generally officious and grumpy sales people/staff and when you get one that isn't, it makes your day? Really I would settle for nice pleasant people who just do their job, like I find most staff in restaurants to be. They are paid shit but they are, with the occasional exception, so nice.


  1. You would have loved the comments the public were making on Friday night when I was doing annoucements on platforms 13 and 14 at Spencer Street with the Football (the only time i do them). Absolutely priceless.

  2. C'mon. Tell me more.


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