Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dinner at the Espy, almost

I am a virgin Espy goer. A friend called today with an invitation to go there for dinner. He especially wanted to have the lamb shanks, as he had had them there before and thought they were excellent. Well, our friend picked us up and took us there and we planned to get the tram home. I felt obliged to feed the parking meter. I tried one, lost my $4 which R retrieved with some healthy bashes on the face of the machine. I went to try another and I could see a gold coin stuck in it's slot. I tried another and it did work. In the mean time the friend had gone to the second one and retrieved some other peoples coins from it. He usually does well at the pokies too.

At least I got to see inside the Espy. But no food was available and we ended up at La Porchetta in Fitzroy Street. Always good value but to start out with a plan to eat at the Espy and end up at La Porchetta was a bit of a let down.

Our friend was a non drinker, otherwise we could have at least had a drink there. Even the table at the front window was vacant and there was a lovely roaring fire and the lighting was good. Bugger!

Reminder to self, complain to City of Port Phillip re parking meters.

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