Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Dead Kennedy

Clever pun hey? Pop group Dead Kennedys, Graham Kennedy dead? Oh well, I tried.

I am sad that Graham Kennedy has died. I remember some of his work, more the Blankety Blank time and Australia All Over was it? The phrase 'stick it in the JVC' sticks in my mind from when he hosted some video replay program. Our friends and us still use that phrase, adapted, 'I'll just pop these crumpets into the JVC shall I?'

I was very young, just born I think really, but I remember my grandfather taking us for a Sunday drive down the Mornington Penisular. As we travelled up Oliver's Hill? he pointed to a large house and said that that was where Graham Kennedy lives. Children being children, we were not overly impressed, although we knew who Graham Kennedy was.

What I remember strongly of his early times is my conservative, proper, not blessed with a great sense of humour, grandmother shrieking with laughter when Graham Kennedy was on tv, just as she did some years later when Mary Hardy was on tv.

Mr Kennedy was publically a closeted gay but I am sure everyone who knew him knew that he was gay. I do recall that he did have a long term relationship, but I forget what source that is from. No mention of that today.

ABC radio Melbourne has overloaded me with stuff about him today. I will just say that I thought Graham Kennedy was very funny when I saw him on tv. He was a terrific tv perfomer. I can recall shrieking at his humour, just as I did at Dame Edna on tv on last Saturday night.

Vale Graham.


  1. I was going to do an entry on Graham Kennedy, but decided it wasn't really worth it as there wasn't a great deal to say.

    Although I'm far too young to have seen the majority of his work, what I have seen amazes me. Last year I bought the "King Of Television" DVD (which is nothing more than the Channel Nein special they did, and will probably be what they show on Friday night), and was simply fixated by the footage that was presented, particularly from IMT days.

    There won't be anyone who can replace him, or even come close.

    I'm hoping the special that Nein plan to show will have a fair bit of his work.

  2. No comments on the furore generated by your fellow building-dweller Hinch?

  3. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Well said Andrew. Graham was a true star. Came across your site by accident and for some one who did not know much take it from a much older gay man he was unlike any other performer. The comedian Bob Hope once saw him as well as Jack Benny and could not believe his talent.
    It is lovely when young people like you show an intrest in our history. I just wish one other radio shock jock had your manners.