Friday, May 20, 2005

A boy and his toys

This was not a set up pic. I got up ready to go to bed and realised how many electrics I had used in a hour or so.

Top left is the phone. It is not that old and it works well and has many features that I like, but it is an ugly beast and is to be replaced my something swish and stylish.

Right is the video remote. It has been flung on the floor a few times by somebody because it won't work unless you are directly in front of the video machine, and even then it is not very responsive.

Bottom left is the tv remote. Our old tv packed up just after we moved here and had to buy one in a hurry. That is after spending a couple of hundred bucks on it a year earlier. I have learnt that lesson. We live in a disposable society.

The next one along is the remote for our extremely modest sound system. I can't say I often get ripped off, but we did when we bought that. A month after we bought it, the price had dropped $200. Not much if you are talking thousands, but I think it cost about $500.

My mobile. I didn't use it to call, but just to get a number to call on the land line. I love my mobile, but miss Tetris that was on my old one.

The air con remote is the last, apart from dirty socks and my work book. It was the first time I had put the heating on I think.

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