Sunday, May 22, 2005

The beat still goes on

While almost totally uninterested in Aussie Rules football, I cannot help but be a bit informed about it.

The same goes for modern music. There is an occasional piece that grabs you but really, I care little for most of it. Pop music, like you might see on Channel 10 on Sunday morning, now leaves me cold. Rap, hip hop, hey dudes, it's music, meant to be sung not spoken and blasted out car windows. I do quite like dance/club music, and especially this recent adding of an Indian flavour to it.

Electronic trance music of the fast variety is great to listen to. How many beats can you fit to a minute? It is almost like classical orchestral music where intruments come in and go out. To plug in the buds and sit back truly sends me somewhere that is extremely relaxing.

But I do make an effort to keep up with young people, so, as I said, some pop music grabs me, and I happened across the Scissors Sisters performing on tv. They were rather good. The track was called Mama, or something like that. I don't know really about their musical ability, but they were good entertainers and the lead male and female voclaists are attractive in an 'interesting' way. Kinda like the B52s used to be.

I have kept up with The Whitlams thought, probably only coz Tim Friedman is cute. Knowing about the band The Whitlams probably already marks me as over 30 and someone under 20 may have no idea who they are. Oh well, I do try.

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