Monday, May 23, 2005

Beach side vegetation or Nylex clock

It is an important thing I suppose. A f ew years ago the City of St Kilda planted some trees on their foreshore and they grew and City of St Kilda, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne became City of Port Phillip. The trees grew and blocked some resident's views, so the residents chopped them down. Good, take away someone's sea views on the St Kilda foreshore and you have stolen $100,000 from them. It really is a bit of a hard one and my Green credentials are teetering on the edge.

But this one is not. I think about 30 years ago, some person in South Yarra planted a Norfolk Island Pine in their garden, and I am going to come in the dead of night and chop it down. My jigsaw has cut through a six inch red gum piece of timber. I think it will do the job. But where will I plug it in?

Why? You ask? When we moved here we could quite clearly see the Nylex clock in Richmond. It has been a saga, but it now being mended and should be alight soon. But this bloody tree has grown in the time the clock was off and we won't be able to see it fully, I think. Hard to tell until it is alight.

Search, locate, destroy.

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  1. A couple of nice beefy copper nails should do the trick.