Thursday, April 14, 2005

Today's diary

Holidays are hard when you are not away on holiday doing stuff. I had been thinking about what to do this week when I am not working and don't have a garden to worry about. There are no pending projects, apart from very unimportant ones that can keep.

I am full on stressed by body corporate stuff, and time on my hands too, I stayed up too late last night, drank too many glasses of wine, went to sleep worrying about body corp stuff and woke up thinking about it. Normally I go to sleep thinking about sex and wake up thinking about sex.

But what a busy day it was. I woke at 8, played on pc for 90 mins and in that time ate breakfast and tidyed up. By 10 I was showered and prepared for the 11am meeting with the building manager. As the link person between the body corp committee and the building manager, I have to have an occasional chat with our less than agreeable building manager. It went well, but I thought it would take half an hour. Instead it took 1 and 1/2 hours.

Came back home, wrote a report on the meeting, had lunch. By then nearly 3pm. Thought I would dash into town and pick up an ordered cd. No problem with that. I am now so close to Queen Street, I will get the bus home rather than the tram.

I arrived at the bus stop at 3.35 just in time to see one in the distance. Checked weak effort of a timetable, and it was less than ten minutes before the next one. Good. I am out of cash and need to go to the bank next door after I get off the bus.

The bus eventually arrived at 4pm and while we were all loading into the bus and the driver was wasting time with some old confused bloke who did not know which bus he wanted, three other buses overtook us. I had plenty of time but suddenly it had shrunk to a minimum.

No time to go the bank when I got off the bus. R had already called to see where I was. Set the video, no time for a shower, go down to bank. We have to be in St Kilda by 5pm.

Run into two body corp committee members and they wanted to know info. I distractedly filled them in on a couple of points while I was watching for R to come downstairs. 'Why is he taking so long?' A late move into the building, so one lift isolated and only one lift available. But no problem really, I had allowed extra time and luckily I did not give up on the bus earlier as there was a significant tram delay at the same time. R got home late as a train was stuck across a level crossing on his normal route home.

After all that, it got better. The tram came and we were in St Kilda by 5pm to meet up with the o/s rels. Instead of them being in their studio, they were at an outdoor cafe in Acland St having a drink. We joined them for one drink and then went off to the Belgian Beer Bar for a drink and and a barbecue meal. Sorry, barbecue is not on tonight. No matter, we watched the production of the staff pouring us a drink and sat under the mighty oak trees.

From there, we went onto a friends restaurant, KL Cafe in Acland St, and had a nice meal and chat. We walked the length of Acland St to their accomodation and caught the tram home. Home by 10 pm.

How can life be so busy when you are not working?

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  1. As I say, you go to work to relax. That's normally the case we these things.

    Btw, you can never have too many glasses of wine


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